Enjoy our collage of photos of some of our work and great photo shots of outstanding cars we can build for you!


Island Custom Cars was first established in 2012 by Wil Escabache; after completing a six year project building a GT40 Replica Wil looked into starting his own AC Cobra project, however there were no available kits on the market that would meet his criteria therefore Wil made the decision to design and build his own AC Cobra Replica chassis & body kit based on the 427 AC Cobra.

Using the basis of the original Tubular chassis design, Wil set about creating a new generation chassis that would take the 1960's look into the 21st Century, with a modern performance suspension system, power steering for comfort and great road feel,  and very high torsional rigidity (over 11,200Nm/Deg deflection) the ICCARS chassis is considered one of the foremost advances in AC Cobra Replica chassis design, with superior handling and ergonomics for the driver all factored into the equation.

At ICCARS we are keen car enthusiasts ourselves and we understand that personal connection you have when building your own Dream car, therefore our company policy is to ensure that each and every one of our customers experience is a great one when choosing to build with us.

Furthermore, we as a company are not bound by stead fast protocols when it comes to your dream, therefore we can tailor our kits to your personal requirements, meaning that should you wish to vary some minor details, or want to change a few things around, then we are more than happy to assist you with this process, and we have the in-house expertise to make it happen.

To date ICCARS has come a long way and we are pleased to be introducing our new and exciting addition to the ICCARS stables - The 1966 Mk1 GT40 Replica race car and the new generation Cobra replica the ICC-540.

We look forward to hearing from you in the future to take that journey with you, and to help make your dream come true.


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